1992 - His mother gave birth to him, His birth name is Keith Jesse Castrence-Armena, his nickname is "Kaije". He became an Manga artist after future.

'1993 '- He went to Church with his parents, Parents' friends were wedding party. He can't remember party.

1994 - His parent and Kaije went to Foreign country after vacation, zoo, room.

1995 - His dad work as engineer, his mom work as Office lady, he stay at grandparents' house.

1996 - He went to beach, with his parents and papa's and mama's classmate and friends.

1997 - He became an kindergartner, he haterd bullying, He met big boy.

1998/1999 - He graduate from Kindergarten to SPED center

2000 - He join Sped Center School.

2001 - 9/11 Attack is based on true story!

2002- Nothing.

2003/'04/'05/'06/'07/'08/'09 - nothing.

2010 - He graduate, with his grandfather.

2011- He graduate and left school. I'm staying home. I cannot go to school. After christmas, New years' eve is over.

2012 - current year.