Jessica Tanaka is Emily's little adopted sister. She spoken only Spanish, Japanese and other languages, she was adopted by Tanaka family.


Born Ana Correa-Gim to Afro-Mexican mother Elisa Correa Cruz and North Korean father Gim Gim-hae in Mexico city, United mexican States. Has a oldest sister, Gim Ji Hyun. She raised in Shinjuku, Tokyo by Tanaka family.


A long ago, Her father Gim Gim-hae who betrayed Kim Il Sung got angry at them and has ordered them to kill Gim family. Gim decided to escape and leaving for Tokyo. Gims were found and murdered by North Korean spies. Ji-Hyun hide and protect her baby sister got run away from NK spies. Midnight later, she found a western house belong to Tanaka family.