Emily and Ibuki is a heroine duo and childhood friends/girlfriends of Satoshi and Billy.

They were child and develops a crush on Satoshi and Billy , a brats from school.

Emily Tanaka (田中・エミリー)Edit

Emily was born in Los Angeles and raised in Yokohama, her birth name Emiko Yuri Petit Tanaka (恵美子・百合・プチ・田中). She live in Tokyo with her parents and little sister, she enter Tokyo high school (same as Ibuki) - hastwo  former boyfriends, Sentaro Kimura and Touga Kiryuu. Emily is a Japanese American like her father, she is an American mirgant to Japan. She is crush on Satoshi.


Emily has a light pink hair, blue eyes, and Caucasian skin. Her front nose is a birthmark resembles "scar", her hair is long hair -- She resembles her father, Keith had smiliar figures.


She is a Japanese-American, her great-great grandmother is a African-American of Jewish ancestry, her grandmother is British/English, Her mother is a French. Has Caucasian skin, like her father. Her little sister resembles her mother. Her great-great grandmother is a Jewish.


She is in fluent Foreign language as Keith. She is gymnast and use practice with Parkour techniques. Her father is translator of universitery, who teach fellow students can speak foreign fluenty. She is a Christian.


AE86, drifting, dating, rock music, singing, peace, sex, video games, playing with pets, her beloved little sister and Ibuki, masturbate, Kama Sutra, AV idols, 4WD Cars, Tribadism, Handjob, anal sex, snack, Iced Tea and Cola


FF, Ignore, bullying, rape, smoking, violence, racism, failed, losing and brats bullied her little sister.

Ibuki Yagami (八神いぶき)Edit

Ibuki was born in Tokyo, she is former student of Yusaku Godai. She is Emily's best friend. Ibuki is crush on Billy. She hates violence and racism.


  • Emily and Her father Keith has same/simliar figure, Emily is simliar to Akina Nakamori . Emily and Akina are alike.